Our Philosophy


Every child has the right to reach their full potential at their own pace in a caring, inviting and inspiring educational setting.


We offer high quality play-based educational programs for children aged 3 to 5 and aim to instil lifelong curiosity and everlasting love for learning. 




We believe that it is important to create a space where every child feels belongingness, without having to renounce his or her individuality; a place where his or her family’s cultures and values are respected, honoured and considered as a source of richness for all the learning community.

We believe that play is a vital element for children’s learning and their physical, social and emotional development.

We aim to provide an environment that encourages children to develop their capabilities and interests at their own pace and according to their individual needs.

We believe that children are capable learners and that they should take an active role in decisions that concern them. Children’s interests and opinions are a constant guide in our program.


As early childhood educators we aim to provide a safe, nurturing, positive, inspiring and welcoming environment for all children and families.

We strongly believe in the importance of the environment as a third teacher in children’s education (Malaguzzi, 1998), and in the use of natural, open-ended materials that allow children to learn in creative and not constrictive ways (Elliott, 2002).


We strongly believe that communication and collaboration between the different contexts in which a child is developing, ergo family and pre-school, is vital and has to be characterised by mutual trust, positive attitudes, balance of power, and common goals (Bronfenbrenner, 1979). We believe that an effective collaboration will support not only children’s learning but will help children in building a strong sense of belonging, identity, and well-being.

We think that families should participate in the learning experiences of their children at kinder and should take an active role in developing the program bringing to the pre-school their ideas and areas of expertise and sharing them with our learning community.


Educators within our setting are culturally competent and respect multiple cultural ways of knowing, seeing and living. It is within our setting that we celebrate diversity and have the ability to understand and honour differences.


We embrace, love and respect our natural surroundings and we aim to make sustainability part of our daily practice and educational programs.